CEPA Forum 2017
Raimonds Vējonis
President, Latvia 

Raimonds Vējonis is a Latvian biologist and politician, and the President of Latvia since 8 July 2015. Before that, he was the Minister of Defense of Latvia and the Minister of Environmental Protection and Regional Development for almost nine years, and he was a Member of Parliament of the Saeima (Latvian Parliament) as well.

Upon appointment, Mr. Raimonds Vējonis outlined that national security would be among his major priorities. It also included international security, by stressing that Latvia should be able to protect itself together with NATO allies. Mr. Raimonds Vējonis also committed to the facilitation of peaceful coexistence of all the peoples living in Latvia.

Promotion of social stability is another important priority of his activity. Appropriate socio-economic conditions can be achieved by promoting entrepreneurship, growth and social security. The President of Latvia has also committed himself to cooperate actively with the business community, by assisting in solving issues significant for entrepreneurs and facilitating exports of their production within his presidential powers.

President of Latvia H.E. Mr. Raimonds Vējonis is a patron of the Centenary Celebration of the State of Latvia and undertook to lead a top-level brainstorming group, that is, Centenary Council. President stressed the need for engaging both Latvian citizens and compatriots living abroad in those celebrations. Celebrations should also be used as an opportunity to remind the whole world about our country and people.

During his presidency, H.E. Mr. Raimonds Vējonis committed to promoting the development of the Young Guard movement and highlighting its important role in shaping the future defenders of Latvia. H.E. Mr. Raimonds Vējonis is the first “green” President in Europe. Therefore, the issues of environmental protection and climate change are prioritized on his agenda.