Atlantic Links

Ensuring Atlanticism remains a priority for future generations.
The linkages between America and its closest allies are burdened by a host of challenges – some old, some new. From the diminished importance of Atlanticism among rising generations in Central Europe, to the rebalancing of America’s strategic priorities to Asia and the inward focus of the post-crisis European Union, today many Central Europeans perceive the importance of transatlantic bonds to be decreasing.
What benefits can be achieved by sustaining a cooperative approach to shared policy dilemmas on both sides of the Atlantic? What are the potential consequences to U.S. and European values and strategic interests in the global order if Atlanticism wanes? And what can transatlantic decision-makers do to prevent these outcomes from materializing?
Building on CEPA’s ground-breaking Keeping New Allies project, the Atlantic Links initiative provides a platform for fostering transatlantic policy engagement, facilitating a policy-orientated debate on the future trajectory of transatlantic relations and providing actionable steps that will help to ensure Atlanticism remains a priority for future generations.