Energy Horizons

Equipping companies and governments to unleash the transformative potential of regional energy resources.

The Energy Horizons program at CEPA provides business leaders and government decision makers with a comprehensive analytical and policy toolkit for responding to the challenges of Central Europe’s 21st Century energy landscape.
Drawing on its extensive regional network of Senior Analysts and Fellows, as well as a collaborative partnership with the Polish Institute of International Affairs (PISM) in Warsaw, CEPA’s Energy Horizons program engages policymakers and the public with accurate, insightful information on the full spectrum of available energy resources, their strategic and economic calculus and the potential they hold for host nations and the Euro-Atlantic community.
CEPA’s Energy Horizons program assists U.S. and European stakeholders in establishing an advanced understanding of the shared priorities and distinctive characteristics present in the Central European political and investment landscape. For America, the continued development of a more secure and competitive energy market in Central Europe would strengthen U.S. commercial and strategic linkages with regional security and Europe’s energy horizons.