Global Allies

Strengthening ties with U.S. strategic allies in critical regions in a shifting global landscape.

The Global Allies program at CEPA examines the similar political and security dynamics confronting U.S. allies in three global regions: Central and Eastern Europe, East Asia and the Middle East. Launched in 2010, the program is the first effort of its kind to produce a multi-region strategic perspective in the Washington policy community.
Working with leading experts and practitioners in the United States and allied nations in these three regions, a CEPA study team will: assess similarities in the unfolding 21st Century security dynamics that are underway at global regional “hingepoints”; compare the effectiveness of recent U.S. policies in managing alliances in these regions; evaluate the strategic “menu-cards” available to regional allies in their interactions with nearby powers Russia, China and Iran; and produce recommendations at both the policy and strategic levels for refreshing and maintaining U.S. engagement in these regions in the decades ahead.