CEPA Forum 2018
The CEPA Forum is the leading annual transatlantic conference in Washington D.C., representing the largest gathering of European officials, experts and industry leaders in the United States. This year, the Center for European Policy Analysis celebrated the 10th convening of the CEPA Forum.

Organized under the auspices of the Slovak Presidency of the Visegrád Group, the CEPA Forum convened on Monday, September 24, 2018 in Washington, D.C. The theme of 10th Forum focused on “Winning the 21st Century–Allied Strength and Solidarity.”

Discussion topics included the challenges facing NATO and EU cooperation in a time of heightened state competition, the strategic benefits of looking beyond NATO’s baseline requirements to improve collective defense, energy security, and developments on the technology frontline with hybrid threats.
The CEPA FORUM is the leading annual transatlantic security conference in Washington, DC.
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