14 March 2016

Transforming Romania’s Energy Sector

If Romania wants a piece of the regional energy pie, it will need to modernize its antiquated infrastructure to meet today’s demands. CEPA’s latest report, Romania's Energy Crossroads: Strategic Options for Improving Energy Security, explores the Romanian energy market and addresses specific measures to bring it into the 21st century.

To do so, Romania must first adjust its regulatory and institutional setup. It also has to withstand the new security demands sparked by Russia’s aggression in Ukraine. Leaders in Bucharest should craft new policies that anticipate and respond to domestic and regional concerns in energy security. To address these issues, the report includes suggestions on how Romanian officials can design and implement a better, more comprehensive energy strategy.


That strategy must include an improvement in Romania-U.S. relations, using energy cooperation as a springboard for R&D, technology transfer and investment. Romania’s success will hinge on precise objectives, accurate tools and good follow-through. Despite the considerable effort this requires, the return will be well worth the investment.