The Visegrád Initiative

Engaging high-level U.S. and Czech, Hungarian, Polish and Slovak policymakers in areas of common strategic interest.
CEPA’s U.S.-Visegrád Initiative program is a platform dedicated to systematically evaluating the prospects for deeper Central European regional collaboration within the Visegrád Group (V4) format, and its potential impact on the transatlantic relationship. Since the V4 revival in 2010, the Group has maintained a surprisingly high degree of momentum on a range of shared regional priorities, including initiatives in energy security, the Eastern neighborhood and, most recently, defense. Nevertheless, challenges remain. How likely is the trend toward greater V4 coordination to continue, and in what policy areas will it most likely succeed? Importantly, what benefit does the United States derive from the V4? 
To answer these and other questions, the Initiative’s programming suite of policy briefings, policymaker interviews, public events and publications will examine and analyze how these core Central European states can best the maximize their collaboration efforts in order to positively shape their Euro-Atlantic environment, and advise U.S. policymakers on what role, if any, Washington can play in encouraging deeper regional cooperation as a potential new avenue for strengthening and modernizing the U.S.-Central European relationship.