U.S.-Romania Initiative

CEPA's U.S.-Romania Initiative is Washington’s first comprehensive program dedicated to providing structured analysis, expert commentary and enhanced policy dialogue on the country of Romania. It seeks to identify and promote opportunities for strategic engagement between the United States and Romania in three broad areas: political and economic development; energy security; geopolitics and security.
The centerpiece of the initiative is a U.S.-Romania Working Group composed of experts from the CEPA analytical team and a network of individuals and institutions from the NGO, business and academic communities in the United States, Europe and Romania. As its inaugural project, the Working Group will examine strategies for furthering Romania’s modernization and strengthen its role in the regional and transatlantic space. In particular, the Working Group will seek to answer key questions regarding Romania’s future development and means to increase convergence with its Western partners in terms of values, functioning of democratic institutions and economic performance.
Program activities include: analysis, network building and policy engagement through roundtable discussions and policy briefs.