CEPA Forum 2018
Spotlight on Ukraine
Challenges and the Road Ahead: Insights from the Special Representative

In the “Spotlight on Ukraine,” Kurt Volker, Special Representative for Ukraine Negotiations of the United States, delivered a 30 minute speech entitled “Challenges and the Road Ahead: Insights from the Special Representative.” In terms of what has been accomplished so far, the public narrative about the war in Ukraine has changed such that Russia’s responsibility can no longer be ignored. Sanctions have been maintained and increased. The United States and its allies have demonstrated consistent strength and resolve, much to the surprise of Putin. While Russia’s behavior has not changed, it is clear that neither the U.S. Administration nor current and future Ukrainian administrations will accept—or have the political capital to accept—concessions. The best policy moving forward is to encourage domestic political and economic reform in Ukraine while also exposing Russian attempts to influence upcoming Ukrainian elections.



  Kurt Volker
Special Representative for Ukraine Negotiations, United States