21 January 2016

Romania Must Confront New Security Challenges

After 25 years of stability and prosperity in Central and Eastern Europe, Russia’s annexation of Crimea has substantially altered the geopolitical landscape in the region, bringing with it an ominous uncertainty about regional security arrangements.

Romania is at the forefront of this new geostrategic configuration. As the staunchest NATO and U.S. ally in southeastern Europe and a country with key strategic interests in the Black Sea, Romania is primed to become a central security player and role model of stability and freedom. But to bring its regional leadership potential to fruition, Romania will have to confront the threats ushered in by this new security environment and make the necessary policy changes to respond effectively.


What are the main challenges to Romanian security and how might they be addressed? Read about possible policy responses in High Tide: Romanian Security on Europe's Frontline, the latest report by CEPA’s Romania Security and Defense Working Group.

High Tide
High Tide (991 KB)